At Times Square, Rahul Gandhi's speech was all about attacking Modi Government and praising Congress

At Times Square, Rahul Gandhi's speech was all about attacking Modi Government and praising Congress


While addressing a gathering at Times Square in New York on Wednesday, Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi in a veiled attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi's government said, India’s reputation as a country of peace and harmony is in danger abroad because of divisive forces at work at home and urged NRIs to stand up against “those dividing the country”.


Gandhi said that people around the globe are questioning that why tolerance level in India is reducing and where is that harmony which once prevailed. "The single biggest thing most people told me and the questions raised outside India is what has happened to the tolerance that used to prevail in India? What has happened to the harmony in India? There are couple of challenges that India is facing. There is a divisive politics going on in India," said Gandhi.


"Some people view India as a piece of land, but I view India as a set of ideas, we have many religions, many languages, every one of them living happily that is due to idea of Congress," Gandhi further said.


"The world is transforming and people are looking towards us. China is rising and we have relationship with the United States. Many countries in a violent world are looking towards India and are saying that may be India has the answer for peaceful coexistence in 21st century. So we cannot afford to lose our most powerful asset. Our most powerful asset is that 1.3 billion people lived happily, non-violently and peacefully. India belongs to all of us, and that is what the Congress Party is," said Gandhi.


While Gandhi restated his vision for the country based on the principal themes of jobs, agriculture, education and healthcare, he appealed to the community to come to India and work for the country and the congress party, telling them non-resident Indians had always played a critical role in India’s progress.


Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Abdul Kalam Azad, Sardar Patel and B R Ambedkar were all non-resident Indians, he said, who brought to India their learnings when they returned and transformed the country. “You need to get involved, you have tremendous knowledge, tremendous understanding.”


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