'Snowing' in Bengaluru: Varthur lake spills toxic foam again

'Snowing' in Bengaluru: Varthur lake spills toxic foam again


With heavy showers that lashed the city in the past week have resulted in Varthur Lake foaming again. With toxic foam spilling over to the Whitefield Main Road, commuters had a tough time negotiating traffic on Saturday and Sunday.


The residents of Whitefield, Bellandur and Varthur are affected by the froth. The National Green Tribunal (NGT) had earlier come down heavily on the state government, asking them to clean the lakes.


Bengaluru development minister KJ George visited the area on May 26 and had a chat with the residents over issues affecting the area including the condition of Varthur Lake. Despite the minister assuring them of solutions, the froth returned in the early hours of Saturday with social media erupting satirically, terming Varthur as the new Kashmir.


A resident of the area told, "The sorry state of Varthur and Bellandur lakes only attains prominence when there is frothing. The issue then goes viral on social media. Those residing in the area also have to suffer mosquito bites and stench that emanates from the lake. But every year, complaints to the authorities yield no result."


Sridhar Pabbisetty, CEO, Namma Bengaluru Foundation, said, "The frothing in our lakes is going from bad to worse. The frothing in Varthur Lake is taking place at an alarming rate and now, new lakes are making it to the list like Subramayapura Lake."


"This exposes the failure of government agencies and bodies such as the Karnataka Lake Conservation and Development Authority (KLCDA) and the Karnataka State Pollution Control Board (KSPCB). Citizens have already adopted a resolution to save lakes and the failure of the government has made this all the more necessary," he added.


When contacted, a senior Bangalore Development Authority official said, "We are taking proactive measures to solve the issue at the earliest. Senior officials have visited the spot and soon, we will come up with a solution for the lake."


This condition of Bengaluru was the cue for a flood of jokes on social media. The tech savvy residents of India’s Silicon Valley took to social media to vent out their frustration. 






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