Sasikala doesn’t deserve to be party chief or CM: AIADMK leaders, suspicious over Amma’s death

Sasikala doesn’t deserve to be party chief or CM: AIADMK leaders, suspicious over Amma’s death


Former Tamil Nadu assembly Speaker and AIADMK leader PH Pandian and his son Manoj Pandian on Tuesday raised suspicions over J Jayalalithaa’s death and sought a probe into the circumstances leading to the hospitalization of the late J. Jayalalithaa.


He alleged that there was a quarrel at her Poes Garden home during which she was “pushed down” and collapsed. He also suspected foul play, alleging that her demise occurred under unnatural circumstances.


On the night of September 22, there was a war of words between the people of the house. It was about some happening with the other side’s family (Sasikala’s family) and Jayalalithaa and she was pushed down. She fell down and she became unconscious,” P H Pandian alleged, adding, “This appeared in the papers next day.”


The father-son duo questioned the legality of the AIADMK General Council's election of V.K. Sasikala as General Secretary when the party's rules said a person can be elected to the post only by party members.


Pandian said he remained silent since the death of Jayalalithaa but the scenario of Tamil Nadu politics in the past two days have been “disturbing me and are pushing me to confess a lot of truths regarding Jayalalithaa’s passing.”  


Pandian also said that Jayalalithaa once said that all her assets should go to the people after her death and he (Pandian) should see to that. Manoj Pandian also claimed that Jayalalithaa had once told him that she may be poisoned to death.


Opposing the elevation of Sasikala, Pandian said she does not have the locus standi to either be the party chief or Chief Minister. He said it was against party rules.


Only cadres can elect the general secretary. Sasikala does not deserve to be either the party supremo or the Chief Minister.


Pandian claimed that within 20 days of the demise of Jayalalithaa, party leaders were “made to say” that they wanted Sasikala to be the party chief. It was “happening against the wishes of the people by betraying them”.


Jayalalithaa was admitted to Apollo hospital here on September 22 and passed away on December five after a 75-day battle for her life.




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