Rahul accused PM Narendra Modi of taking kickbacks, Twitter and BJP hits back

Rahul accused PM Narendra Modi of taking kickbacks, Twitter and BJP hits back


Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of taking bribe of Rs 65 crore from corporate houses as the Chief Minister of Gujarat and asked for investigation on this and come clean.


"It is on the records of the Income Tax department that Modi received money from the Sahara Group nine times in six months (in 2013-14)," Gandhi told public rally in this north Gujarat town in the Prime Minister's home district.


"Rolling out dates when Modi allegedly received money from the Sahara Group (Rs 5 crore seven times and Rs 2.5 crore twice). The Income Tax Department has this record from the Sahara Group's diary," the Congress leader said.


"Narendra Modiji, tell us whether this allegation is true or not, order an independent investigation into this and come clean. You have made the entire country stand in queues for days. Now speak the truth. This is not all. There is one more record of the Birla Group (with the Income Tax Department). Gujarat CM (to be paid) Rs 25 crore, Rs 12 crore paid, the rest?' This is what is written there. Now, you tell the country Modiji if this is true. You should order an independent inquiry into these Income Tax records." Gandhi said.


Gandhi went on and said: "You didn't allow me to speak in Parliament. You were not ready to stand in front of us in Parliament. Don't know what was the reason."


The BJP was quick to refute the allegations. Union Minister of State for Home Affairs Kiren Rijiju said on the allegations: "Who takes Rahul Gandhi's remarks seriously? Even the Congress does not take what he says seriously."


"Our Prime Minister is as pure as the Ganga. Rahul Gandhi is leading his party to repeated disastrous defeats and is levelling baseless allegations in his sadness," party leader and cabinet minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said in New Delhi.


Twitterati, as usual heavily trolled both the Congress and Rahul Gandhi for the remarks. Have a look at some of these:





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