Pakistan on backfoot: Operation Arjun targets border farms, homes of Pak officers

Pakistan on backfoot: Operation Arjun targets border farms, homes of Pak officers


Responding tough on the intermittent firing and ceasefire violations by Pakistan, India BSF launched Operation Arjun to target the farms and residences of retired Pakistan army, ISI and Pakistan Rangers officers along the Indian border.


BSF is using small, medium and area weapons for the counter-offensive which has been named as 'Operation Arjun'. The operation is said to have caused heavy damage on the Pakistani side and nearly 7 Pakistan Rangers and 11 civilians have been killed in the same.


After the intermittent firing and ceasefire violations from across the border in Jammu region, Pakistani forces spoke to the Indian side and sought peace along the border, BSF Director General K.K. Sharma said.


Speaking at an interaction with members of the Indian Association of Foreign Affairs Correspondents (IAFAC), Sharma said the Pakistani forces initiated firing around August 24-25 during which a BSF trooper lost his life. “We retaliated by firing both flat trajectory and area weapons,” he said referring to Operation Arjun.


This went on and in that process another jawan of ours was sniped and he was martyred and one civilian lady was martyred,” he said, adding that several BSF troopers and civilians were also injured. He said that the BSF retaliated because that is what the Pakistani forces understood and in the process caused damage to men and material across the border.


The BSF Director General said the Pakistani side keeps doing this periodically “but fortunately this time both sides talked to each other”. “I got a message from my counterpart, DG of Pakistan Rangers Punjab, that we should talk and I immediately responded and we talked to each other,” he said.


We both agreed that the killing of soldiers or civilians does not change the ground situation. We both agreed that civilian casualties are to be avoided and they regretted and we both decided to cease fire with immediate effect which we did,” Sharma said.




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