Indian Netas stop politicising surgical strikes right now!

Indian Netas stop politicising surgical strikes right now!


Even as our brave army men were waging a war at Pampore on October 12, Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar took potshots at his political rival- the Congress party.


Rift between the two parties grew wider after Congress downplayed the surgical strike that had taken place on September 29.  The party said that the Army (backed by the Congress) had conducted several surgical strikes since 1947 and added that strikes like these were not as big a deal as BJP portrayed them to be.


Speaking at a public event, Parrikar credited himself and Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the operation. He said, 'I will only share the credit, major share goes to PM. This should settle the nerves of many people'


But within minutes he flipped and went on to credit '127 crore people of this country and the Indian armed forces'.


The two sides went back and forth at each other the entire day, but is this needed?


Ground Reality: 


India is on the brink of a war right now. For all we know Pakistan could even launch a nuclear missile at us. China could support Pakistan and destabilise our country. But instead of putting up a united front, politicians are trying to milk this situation.


Congress and BJP are both trying to prove who the bigger 'desh bhakt' is between the two parties. Even Arvind Kejriwal who has no stakes involved in this fight is commenting over this.


The fact of the matter is these strikes were conducted by the brave Indian army men. Period. They risked their lives for the sake of our country. No neta, babu or civilian was involved in this operation and if anyone deserves any credit, it is the army. Playing politics over issues like this, is not only demoralizing but is also demotivating.  Yes, opposition has the right to criticise but what's the hurry? Politics can be played later after issue resolves, but is this too much too ask for from our netas?




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