With huge support from Modi Govt, Indian Army killed 92 terrorists till 2nd July 2017

With huge support from Modi Govt, Indian Army killed 92 terrorists till July 2017


After the Indian Army got a free hand from Modi Government to tackle terror activities and cross border violence, as many as 92 terrorists were killed till July 2 this year, against 79 in the corresponding period of 2016.


The report also highlights the fact that the number of terrorists killed this year (till July) has already surpassed the annual figures of 2012 (72) and 2013 (67). In 2012 and 2013, UPA was in power at the Centre.


The numbers picked up during NDA's tenure, touching 110 in 2014, 108 in 2015 and 150 in 2016. "Terrorists killed till July 2 this year are only slightly less than killings through 2014 and 2015," a senior home ministry official said.


After Uri Attack, there have been several incidents where the bodies of Indian soldiers have been mutilated. The surgical strike, though effective, was not enough to silence terror groups who ambushed and killed several soldiers.


When these incidents started becoming frequent, the government gave a free hand to the army to eliminate terrorists in the Valley.


"The forces have been given a free hand to track and intercept the terrorists holed up in the valley, before launching intelligence-based operations with due mapping of the target and how to neutralise terrorists with minimum collateral damage," said a senior home ministry functionary.


The official further informed that among the 92 terrorists killed in J&K till July, most of them were most wanted and highly active in Kashmir. Infiltration also saw a decline. While 371 infiltration cases were recorded in 2016, the number declined to 124 till May-end this year.


Several top-level leaders of terrorist groups operating in around the Valley have been gunned down by the army in innumerable operations over the past few months.




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