Don't understand Civic Duties: On Its First Run, Tejas Express returns Dirty Passengers Thrashed

Don't understand Civic Duties: On Its First Run, Tejas Express returns Dirty Passengers Thrashed


Tejas Express, high-speed train from Mumbai to Goa was flagged off from Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus on Monday and returned from Goa on Tuesday with fewer headphones, damaged infotainment screens and untidily scattered things all over.


It is very easy to blame the government for lack of development in the country and conveniently forget about our civic duty. The train — that covers 630 kilometres in less than nine hours and has modern amenities on board like automatic doors, LCD TVs, WiFi, CCTV, tea and coffee vending machines, bio-vacuum toilets and touch-less water taps.


The impact of the thefts is such that on Wednesday - during the train's journey from Goa to Mumbai - a few passengers complained that they were not provided headphones at all.


Some passengers on the train had thrashed the LCD screens, stolen the headphones provided to them and had soiled the toilets. A passenger complained that some people tried to remove the LCD screen by pulling on its hinges while others did not flush the toilet after using it, because of which the toilet began to stink an hour after the journey had begun.


For the stolen headphones, an official said, "The headphones were distributed just after the journey commenced. There wasn't an announcement to return the headphones because we expected passengers to not carry them away, just like they don't take away pillows and blankets."


On the second day of travelling, a passenger said, "The train was not properly cleaned. Toilets too were unclean. Attendants were ignorant. The food was not as good as during the inaugural run.


The railway officials said not much should be looked into these incidents. "These are teething troubles that will be sorted out within a few days. We need to celebrate a train that will eventually change the way India travels," the official said.


The train will run on the Mumbai-Goa route five days of the week— Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday and will leave from Mumbai at 5am and reach Goa at 1.30pm. The train will start from Goa at 2.30pm and reach Mumbai at 11pm.


A journey from Mumbai to Karmali AC chair-car seat on the train costs Rs1,190, while executive chair-car seat costs Rs 2,590. A journey from Mumbai to Ratnagiri on AC chair car seat costs Rs835, while executive seat costs Rs1,785.




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