Boycott Chinese goods: Will boycotting Chinese goods put pressure on China?

Boycott Chinese goods: Will boycotting Chinese goods put pressure on China?


In the past two years, various organisations have called for boycott of Chinese goods to teach China a lesson for creating trouble on the border and aiding Pakistan. Now once again, when India and China are locked in a standoff on the Sikkim border, many organisations have decided to boycott Chinese goods.


At a meeting in Agra on July 8 and July 9 convened by Bharath Tibet Sahyog Manch, an all-India Tibet support group, many RSS supporters and others resolved not to use Chinese goods.


Senior RSS leader Indresh Kumar said: "China's influence on all of Asia is worrying. On top of its expansionist policies, it is also an atheist country. The country has never supported India's fight against terrorists. It has also blocked India's entry in superior global bodies. Not just Tibet, it has several parts of Himalaya under its control."


"Shopkeepers should install signboards declaring that they do not sell Chinese products," Kumar said, "We also need to free the abode of our gods, Kailash Mansarovar, from Chinese influence."


On the other hand, a group of principals in the Mumbai city has appealed to their students to not use 'Made in China' stationery in schools. The Mumbai School Principals' Association, which claims to have allegiance to over 1,500 schools in the Mumbai metropolitan region, is sending out messages through apps, hoping to create awareness and evoke patriotism among students.


The Mumbai School Principals’ Association members feel it is a small step that could show support to Indian soldiers on the border. "Students must be aware about problems the country is facing. Stationery, like pens, compass boxes and erasers are all made in China. Even if we are able to hurt the economic gains China makes through our country by a little, it will mean we are doing our bit," said Prashant Redij from the association. The association will print a circular and send the appeal to all schools. "It is the schools which must instil patriotism among students," he added.


One of the resolutions passed at the meeting said whole of Asia should unite "to stop Chinese dominance on the mountains, lands and water". Here is one incident happened in Pune. Watch the video:





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