73% Indians have trust in PM Modi’s government, third highest worldwide: OECD

73% Indians have trust in PM Modi’s government, third highest worldwide: OECD


India is among the top three nations that trusts their governments, with 73 per cent people having faith in Narendra Modi government, according to a report by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).


India is on the third spot in the "Trust in government" category chart. Switzerland tops the chart with 80 per cent of confidence while Indonesia is at the second spot with 79 per cent in the global index of countries.



According to the report, the word “Trust” can be defined as “positive perception about the actions of an individual or an organisation”. The report further says that the “positive perception” is largely determined “by subjective assessment of individuals”. The report adds that trust in government may lead to “effectiveness of government” and “economic development”. “Trust in government leads to greater compliance with regulations and the tax system, facilitates social and political consensus, enhances the acceptance of policies that call for short-term sacrifices by citizens, and mobilises citizen engagement to enable open and inclusive governance processes,” it says.


The Narendra Modi government has completed more than half its tenure and the Prime Minister has been successful in ensuring political stability and providing decisive leadership with bold decisions, which were both acclaimed as well as bitterly criticised over the last three years.


India is followed by the Canadian government headed by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau which has the trust of 62 per cent citizens.


It is not surprising to see countries like the United States, Greece, Brazil and United Kingdom rank in the lower half of this measure, considering the political turmoil being witnessed by these nations.


United States government led by President Donald Trump has the support of just 30% of the people while trust in the Theresa May government stands at 41 per cent, the report said.




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