Nokia To Make A Comeback: Let's Welcome This Vintage Phone!

Nokia To Make A Comeback: Let's Welcome This Vintage Phone!


Remember those handsets that never broke even if it fell on the ground a 1000 times? Do you miss the 3210 Nokia phone? Don't worry, your handy handset is all set for a comeback. 


Your favourite Nokia will no longer be associated with Microsoft after few months. There was a time when Nokia was compared to a person standing on a burning oil platform in the smartphone market. The platform was referred to the operating systems such as Symbian, Apple iOS and Google.


Nokia had sold its famed mobile business to Microsoft in 2013 for over $7.2 billion and in April its devices and services business, became Microsoft mobile but the sailing hasn’t been smooth ever since.


This transaction is expected to close in the second half of this year. Only after that, Nokia will come up with its newly manufactured smart phones and tablets-Android ones.


Nokia To Make A Comeback: Let's Welcome This Vintage Phone!


The company is all set to license its brand to a newly-created Finnish company, HMD Global Ltd. HMD will create Nokia-branded mobile phones and tablets for the next 10 years. So, no more Microsoft Lumia, it will be called Nokia.


In 2011, Nokia signed up with Microsoft to use the latter's Windows phone platform, to develop an alternate operating system to compete with Android and iOS.


This merger was touted as a tie up of the Windows phone with the largest hardware supplier.


When the two companies came together, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer had called it “a bold step into the future”.


Rajeev Suri


But this bold step is soon coming to a halt. Now, Nokia will have its own brand and we hope that it will prove to be an even bolder step. All those nostalgic feelings are going to come back so sit back and wait for your favourite phone to hit the shelves soon.


So to recap, Foxconn will be manufacturing Nokia-branded phones which will be sold by HMD. Foxconn, is a company that manufactures all leading smart phone brands in the country including Apple. Well, in other words, Nokia is back!




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