Here’s What’s Pokemon Go & Why Everyone is Going Gaga About it!

Here’s What’s Pokemon Go & Why Everyone is Going Gaga About it!


It's an outbreak, but thankfully it's not a disease. It is a virtual reality game that will bring back the 90s to your homes, quite literally, with Pokemons wandering around in your verandas and kitchen. We are talking about the new game that is taking the world by storm - Pokémon Go. 


Pokémon Go is a virtual reality game series where you can see Pokémons wandering around the streets like us. Your job is to capture them till you collect them all and become a Pokémon Master. 


It is more complicated than it sounds. The Pokémon walks as you walk, run or ride. Each time you see a Pokémon, you stop and collect it, just like what used to happen in the 90s show of Pokemons. This game uses your phone's location about the appearances of the game. Which also means that the availability of Pokémon will depend on the atmosphere. A garden will have more animals like grasshopper, while at night you will find the monster kind of pokemons. 


Well, whether or not this a perfect game, this game certainly will be the foundation for many stories. And why not, only recently a guy was reported to find a Pokémon next to his wife in labour. In another incident, a girl ended up finding a dead body in a lake while chasing a Pokémon. As one of the features also allows you to create a Pokémon hotspot, a group of robbers increased the number of Pokémons at an isolated place. This lured a bunch of young lads a they laid their lives in risk. Even with so many things against the game, it is still catching on. India is going crazy over its introduction even when it is not yet launched in the country. But sweat not, we will tell you how to download an APK file to please your game appetite. Use the official website and install an APK file and tada, you can officially chase some interesting pokemons down the streets.


Here’s What’s Pokemon Go & Why Everyone is Going Gaga About it!


What a time to live? Ain't it! Traffic police in the US have already put up traffic signs like "Dont Pokémon and Drive". 


So, what's next? Pokémon strolls instead of morning strolls?






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