Apps That Have Taken The World By Storm

Apps That Have Taken The World By Storm


Just when you thought Pokemon Go is the new in-thing among the game enthusiasts across the world, there comes a cartoon and a dog world to accompany that. Yes, if you don’t really understand what we are talking about, then here you go. Let’s do some Snapchat and of course edit and click our pictures using Prisma.


If you are wondering what is driving people crazy across the world and What is so fun about these apps that millions of people are attracted to these applications, we’ll tell you!  Well, let’s start with Snapchat. An app which came into android phones in 2011, was doing pretty good in the west, it slowly became an alternate to the most used app Whatsapp because you click snap while you chat and share your stories which are available only until 24 hours. But what made it so good and popular is the Snapchat features that have been added recently in the app. Yes, the features which include a dog like filter, a tiara, a wrinkled faced, swapping of faces and more props like these which keep shuffling every day.  These features have added a fun element to the boring and mundane lives of every snapchat user. Be it a teenager, an adult or an aged person, everyone seems to have just loved this new trend. Apart from that, you have no social pressure, you can enjoy intimacy and privacy of course because snapchat users are few, you add whom you want and ignore whom you don’t.  They say ‘a picture says a thousand word’ so do these funny snapchats. It’s visually fast and exclusively based for mobile phones and it has a disposable content feature which majorly has drawn the attention of millions and even after several months after its launch, it remains teenagers’ favourite app.


Apps That Have Taken The World By Storm


Moving on, let’s talk about Prisma, the caricature app. This beautiful art work which was only possible before by an artist, is possible by a click in your mobile now. Launched only on iPhones in the beginning, Prisma has taken over androids too and has over millions of followers already. They are entering in this cartoon world, editing or clicking Prisma pictures.  People across the world have started turning amateur pictures into this elaborate work of art with a new viral app. The Prisma filters aren’t the filters which are available on Instagram, it is a combination of neural networks and artificial intelligence. The co-founder of Prisma has mentioned to a website that ‘It’s not similar to the Instagram filter where you just layer over … We draw something like a real artist would.” The popularity of Prisma has skyrocketed ever since its launch and is all over on Facebook, Instagram and twitter.


So, what are you planning to do, become a dog a queen or an old woman or a man on Snapchat or enter the cartoon world? The choice is yours!




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