Is Apple Choosing Privacy Over Lives?

Tim Cook, Apple


Apple has set its foot down to refuse the US court order to assist the security unit of the country to gain information of the iPhone used by a shooter in 2015's killings in California. 


To highlight upon the gravity of the issue, the incident was about 14 lost lives and 22 injured people in December, last year. 


When the FBI managed to seize one shooter's iPhone, it must have hoped to get a lot of details from it. When it wanted to penetrate the security code, it asked for the tech giant's help, only to be refused. 


What Clues Could the FBI Get?


Contact details of other terrorists, clues to other planned attacks, important (controversial) names to name a few.


The Backers




Surprisingly, Apple has got support from many of its direct competitors. It gives an image that the western tech world gives more importance to the consumer satisfaction than the lives of consumers. 


The Not-So Backers


The counter argument by Bill Gates reads that the terrorism cases stand as an exception and companies should be forced to abide by the investigation requirements.


Bill gates


Where Have The Ethical Hackers Gone?


Sure, FBI has them. But the maximum they can get is the photos and contacts. Rest of the things like using reverse engineering over the security card would be not something ethical hackers would consider "ethical". Still, there are vulnerable areas that can be explored. But when it can be done by a single nod by Apple, it doesn't really make sense for FBI to waste its time over this. 


The Confusing Trail


Apple iPhone


Upon asking the government about why they haven't done anything about it yet, the impression they give is that they have the right to do it. But the question still remains - what is stopping them from going ahead and actually getting the information that maybe useful for the country or maybe the whole world?




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