Neeti Mohan's 'Udne De' joins UN's War against Human Trafficking

Neeti Mohan's 'Udne De' joins UN's War against Human Trafficking


Indian singer Neeti Mohan's composition "Udne de" -- a tribute to all women and in support of gender equality -- will be part of an album for United Nations Voluntary Trust Fund project titled 'Music To Inspire - Artists United Against Human Trafficking".


This is a collective fight by the music community to make a social statement and end human trafficking. A 60-plus track collection of inspiring music, will be officially released at an event at the United Nations headquarters in New York City later this week, read a statement.


According to Neeti, "Crime against women has become a global enterprise affecting nearly ever country in the world. It is a crime that shames us all.


"I had written 'Udne de' during the Nirbhaya incident that happened in 2012. Post the unfortunate incident, I faced this inner turmoil and felt helpless but I could never release the track because it just felt too personal.


"It felt like as if I was crying out loud and nobody could hear me and I still feel the same each time I read about any injustice against women at large. Everytime a heinous activity occurs, so many dreams get shattered, faith gets shaken and self esteem gets burnt alive.


"It can be anyone of us anywhere anytime and I wanted to take a stand on a global level. I sincerely hope and pray for a positive change in the mindset of the people."


With this, she has joined the ranks of Ashton Kutcher, Nicholas Cage, Demi Moore, Ashley Judd and Gillian Anderson. Oscar winning composer A.R. Rahman too has contributed to the album.


Watch 'Udne de' here:





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